Publié le 16 Septembre 2016

What impact does Barack Obama bring to Hillary's campaigns? most people will say he brings more than just his time campaigning for him. Obama is known to be a very eloquent person and very well loved with the minorities and the youth. His impact in giving Clinton support can not be underachieved. For Clinton to get the majority of his supporters, she must support the idea of continuing with Obama's legacy.

Clinton is likely to benefit from Obama with the support he enjoys from his supporters. Obama is known to have a very high approval rating. This can be very important if Clinton is able to hold on to these supporters. It is also known that almost all Clinton supporters approve what Obama has done to the country.

Obama's legacy has been improved by his ability to interact and involve world leaders who were always taken to be a threat to the united states. the move of Obama to visit Cuba and meet the president and his ability to look for solutions which do not need combat. Obama has been a great leader depending on how you look at it. he would only be happy if his legacy is continued by a person who is not only a democrat but also has a belief in everything he does.

It is not yet known if the popularity of Hillary will go higher from the fact that Barack is busy campaigning for her. but we have to say without any dought that him campaigning for her is a very important thing. The foreign policy of the Obama administration and the change in the relationship between united states and the other nations of the world, makes everyone admire what Obama has done during his eight years as the president of united states.

Looking at what Trump stands for, it easier to know why Trump supporters are so passionate about his candidature. Most of these citizens have that feeling that the security situation in united states has deteriorated recently and trump is the person who can bring back that security back. The question most people should be asking whether people are reacting to a status of unknown.

Donald Trump who is known to be a big attacker of Obama has been put in a position of defense. Within the first years of Obama administration, Trump was involved with a lot of issues involving questioning of Obama's birthplace. Trump has always been at loggerhead with Obama and this is probably the right time for Obama to pay back.

Barack Obama is one of the biggest persons for Hillary Clinton's campaign. Barack entering the campaign trail and fighting for Clinton has added some force in the campaigns. in the recent campaign trail, Barack delivered a very hard attack on trump's track record. with him enjoying the support of the youths and the minority voters, this can be very big as the day of the campaign gets closer.

Depending on what happens between now and the day of the election, we have to accept that Obama role in this year's campaign is very huge. let's wait and see.

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